Why cryptozoologists are watching the Olympics

Why cryptozoologists are watching the Olympics

Okay, you’ve been watching the Olympics for more than a week, now.  You’ve thrilled to Shaun White, Lindsay Vonn, and Bode Miller.  Maybe you’ve followed the other competitors, like Kirstie Moore, who is five months pregnant, or “Andy Himalaya”, a 51-year old pop singer who is the entire Mexican team.

But quick…who is the Olympic mascot?

Trick question…there are three of them, and a bonus marmot. 

One of them is Quatchi…and he’s a Sasquatch.

Yep, the Canadian version of Bigfoot (although some would say it’s the other way around, with good reason). 

As somebody whose interest in “hairy bipeds” goes back to, oh, fifth grade or so, I’m quite tickled. 

I have to tell you, I don’t have a lot of Olympics merchandise…but I am tempted by those Quatchi tchotchkes (say that three times quickly) ;).

Quatchi Official Homepage

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