Can you pay them to go through your garbage?

Can you pay them to go through your garbage?

Do you know somebody who’d like a little of that Kardashian  flash?  Do you want to make them feel like a real star going into that birthday party or award ceremony?

I heard about this one on KGO, the big dog talk radio station in my area.

You can hire a group called Private Paparazzi to provide that flashbulb-popping, press card in the hatband experience…oh, wait a minute, I think I’m stuck in the 1930s again.  😉  They don’t use flashbulbs any more, right?

Anyway, it sounds like a good (if not cheap) way to add a really memorable touch to somebody’s special event.  They also emphasize that you’ll get a professional photographer to stay and take great pictures, and I think that makes it a lot more valuable.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.

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