New crop circle special on NatGeo Tues at 8pm

New crop circle special on NatGeo Tues at 8pm

Crop circles, right?  A lot of you think they misspelled the first word… 😉

Well, I’m not going to argue for aliens or anything (you know, unless you want to argue against that) 😉 .

However, I’m always amazed at how uncritically people will take a claim of a hoax.  That came awhile back on crop circles, with a couple of guys called “Doug and Dave”.  They claimed to have made the crop circles, using a board and a rope.  Boom!  worldwide headlines that the mystery was solved.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t really demonstrate how they did it, and it was pretty unlikely that they did everything out there, or could even duplicate some stuff.

I’m not saying they couldn’t have faked some crop circles…sure, why not?  But just because there have been fake doctors doesn’t mean there haven’t been any doctors.

You would think that a claim of a hoax would be examined as scientifically as a claim that there was a crop circle, wouldn’t you?  Marcello Truzzi famously made a statement in 1976 that has been abbreviated by others (including, I think, Carl Sagan) as “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”   That’s never sounded particularly…dispassionate to me.  I think the issue there is that an extraordinary claim is actually a series of claims, and they may each require proof.  If you say you saw a car in the road, you don’t have to also prove that cars exist.  If you say you saw a unicorn, well, that requires a different set of multiple proofs.

The National Geographic Channel (basic cable in many places) is running what they say is a new crop circle documentary on Tuesday night (February 23) at 8:00 PM (check your local listings…timezones can make that tricky).

The Truth About Crop Circles

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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